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Time Matters. A Company of a Lufthansa Cargo

We as time:matters, your expert in special speed logistics, are looking for the best and fastest solutions to time critical shipments on a daily basis. It is our responsibility to answer to the specific needs of our customers, around the clock, 7 days a week. We deliver every shipment reliably, whether it is time-critical spare parts, large machines, highly urgent documents, unique prototypes or sensitive specimens.

In order to do so, teamwork is essential and we try to maintain a good team spirit. So as a team we decided we wanted to do something together; something different from our daily work, but also something important, to give back. We decided to participate in the make a wish - business challenge.

On this day, May 1st 2017, we, time:matters NL, want to make a wish come true.
With our team effort we will try to create a special day for a child who has a life-threatening medical condition. We may think we face difficult problems in our daily work, requests that seem impossible to solve, but those families are facing incredible challenges every day. By making their wish come true, we hope to bring a smile to their faces and maybe, for a day, make them forget their daily struggle.

Thank you!

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